December 2015

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos legalizes medical marijuana.

February 2016

  • ONE Colombia officially registers its Innova Biopharmaceuticals cannabis brand.

November 2016

  • ONE Colombia acquires land for the CBD extraction facility.

August 2017

  • ONE Colombia signs an agreement with a cooperative of 193 farmers for the cultivation of cannabis.
  • Planning starts for the tokenization of cannabis and using a decentralized exchange to create spot pricing.

October 2017

  • ONE Colombia receives government-granted production and export licenses for cannabis extracts.

November 2017

  • Construction starts on ONE Colombia's production facility in Corinto, Colombia

February 2018

  • ONE Colombia signs a lease-to-purchase agreement on 3,560,000 ft2 of farmland near its extraction facility to use for cannabis cultivation.

March 2018

  • Cannabium sold to qualified participants in a private pre-sale.

April 2018

  • Construction scheduled to start on ONE Colombia's cannabis nursery.
  • Planned registration of the cannabis strains and seeds that will be use to grow the crop for CBD production.

May 2018

  • Plannd: First cycle of crops planted

July 2018

  • Planned installation of extraction equipment

August / September 2018

  • Planned: First harvest

October 2018

  • Planned completion of extraction facility.

December 2018

  • Planned: First production run.

March 2019

  • Product delivery commences.